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To achieve the Master’s Degree, it is necessary to pass a final examination at the end of the course. Students have to individually write and present, in English, an original dissertation on a topic of the Master developed during the stage, previously defined by the Scientific Committee of the Master. 
In order to be admitted to the final examination, candidates should:
  • have regularly attended all lectures;
  • have acquired all UTC, including the UTC of the stage activities;
  • have submitted the application for the final examination;
  • have paid the contribution provided for the title achievement.
The final dissertation will be presented and discussed in front of a degree board, who express the evaluation on a scale of 110, assigning full marks with honours to meritorious candidates. The minimum score to pass the examination is 66/110.
The Master’s Degree will be awarded by the University of Turin. The degree certificate, edited in English, does not report the evaluation and will be consign by the Director of the Master.

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