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The Master’s Degree tuition fee is € 5,000. All the candidates admitted to the Master’s Degree, enrolled to the course for the first time (for the admission to the Master the candidates, up to a maximum of 12, must achieve a minimum selection score of 80/100), will benefit from academic scholarships, generously provided by the “Fondazione Piera, Pietro e Giovanni Ferrero”, which coverthe total programme’s tuition fees (the Fondazione Ferrero will directly pay for the tuition fee).

For students admitted to the Master’s Degree as auditor, the tuition fee is € 1,552, including the University enrolment fee (€ 552). The fee will be paid in a lump sum at the time of enrolment.


The procedures to complete enrolment will be communicated with the notification of admission.
Students who are not eligible for a scholarship and fail to pay the fee by the start of lectures will be excluded from the Master’s degree. 


Participants of any degree admitted to attend the Master’s Degree courses who wish to renounce, will have to give a formal notification to the Director. To those who drop out of the Master’s course, any paid tuition fees will not be reimbursed.

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