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For access to the second-level Master’s degree course, candidates must hold an MSc academic degree (a five-year tuition degree, laureaspecialistica/laurea magistrale) in accordance with the new Italian university system (pursuant to Ministerial Decree 509/99 or Ministerial Decree 270/04) or an equivalent university qualification obtained abroad, in one of the following fields:

  • Medicine and surgery 
  • Veterinarian medicine 
  • Agrarian sciences
  • Agrarian sciences and technologies
  • Food sciences and technologies 
  • Chemistry 
  • Industrial chemistry 
  • Biological sciences 
  • Pharmacy 
  • Chemistry and pharmaceutical technologies 
  • Food science 
  • Chemical engineering

The teaching degree allowing access to a Master’s according to the new system include the following classes:

  • LM-41 Medicina e Chirurgia
  • LM-42 Medicina Veterinaria
  • LM-69 Scienze e Tecnologie Agrarie 
  • LM-70 Scienze e Tecnologie Alimentari 
  • LM-86 Scienze Zootecniche e Tecnologie Animali
  • LM-54 Scienze Chimiche
  • LM-6 Biologia
  • LM-7 Biologie Agrarie
  • LM-8 Biotecnologie Industriali
  • LM-9 Biotecnologie Mediche, Veterinarie e Farmaceutiche
  • LM-13 Farmacia e Farmacia Industriale 
  • LM-61 Scienza della Nutrizione Umana
  • LM-71 Scienze e Tecnologie della Chimica Industriale
  • LM-22 Ingegneria Chimica

Candidates must also speak English, which will be assessed during the admission examination

For Italian or foreign students (EU and non-EU nationals) in possession of foreign academic qualifications that have not already been declared equivalent to an Italian degree, and for the purposes of admission to the Master’s degree, the Scientific Committee will evaluate the qualification and its eligibility, in compliance with applicable international agreements.

Candidates currently graduating in Italy in the above degree courses may be admitted to attend the Master’s Degree course “with reserve” and, on pain of invalidity, they must give prompt notification of their qualification, which has to take place before the start of the Master’s course. In case the beginning of the course is postponed, the start date of the course reported in the application will remain a mandatory deadline for the acquisition of the qualification required for the admission.

Participants who have the requisites for the Master’s Degree interested in further study of the subjects dealt with in the lectures, and wish to improve their professional preparation, may be admitted as auditor students (non-examination students) to participate in Master’s Degree lectures. Auditor students will not be allowed to take part to the industry training. At the end of the course, auditor students will receive a certificate of attendance signed by the Director of the Master’s Degree. Also the auditor students, as regulated by the Tax and Contribution Regulations of the University of Turin, will pay a tuition fee.


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