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In the academic year 2016-17 will be activated the new edition of the second-level Master's degree in "Food Science and Technology for Human Nutrition - Michele Ferrero"

The fifth Master's degree program entitled to Michele Ferrero was completed splendidly in last December, at the ceremony of diplomas and Master's awards, which was held at the Principi di Acaja lecture hall of the University of Turin.
The participants in the 2014/2015 Master’s program ended their studies in September 2015 and obtained degrees with excellent marks.
The two best students and the best thesis were rewarded by the Fondazione Piera, Pietro e Giovanni Ferrero, which also financially supported the students during the course and the stage period. In fact, also for the academic year 2014-15 the Ferrero Foundation provided for the tuition fee for all the admitted students. In addition, each of them received a grant of the value of  8,000. € to attend the courses of the Master. The Ferrero Group hosted the students in training at its plants, providing them support and guidance of dedicated tutors.

This second-level postgraduate degree aims to provide, to graduates with suitable schooling in different scientific sectors, an interdisciplinary training in food science, technology and human nutrition fields, giving them the skills needed to manage the research and development of new food products, and develop product and process quality. Specifically, for the 2016/2017 edition of the Master’s degree, the main focus of the courses will be the study of the idea of "Sustainability", with particular regard to "Sustainable Diet" within the "Sustainability of food chain".


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