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The Master is a Second level Continuing education program with a restricted number of places. For the admission to the selections, it is MANDATORY also the online pre-enrolment (Enrolment on Continuing education programs).

In order to matriculate for the selection, candidates should:

  • Be registered at the Portal of the University of Turin ( and have the credentials (username and password) to access the MyUniTO (Login). If candidates have never studied at the University of Turin (UniTO), they must register as “Futuro studente” (prospective student), following the Portal registration instructions;
  • Submit the application by filling in the UniTO on line model. For the submission of the online application, candidates need to access the area MyUnito (selecting the item “Login” on the home page) and do authentication with credentials (username and password). Select the item “Iscrizioni”, which candidates can find in the upper left menu and afterwards the item “Test di ammissione” to go on with the on line application form. Warning! The title of the Master is reported in Italian "Master di Secondo Livello in INNOVAZIONE NELLE SCIENZE E TECNOLOGIE ALIMENTARI - MICHELE FERRERO" - competition num. 97 M21107.
    During this phase, candidates are required to fill in the personal data inserted during registration phase.
    A pre-matriculation number will be sent.

Complete applications will be assessed taking into consideration the criteria listed below.
After the assessment of the qualifications, a merit ranking will be drawn up and the first 36 candidates will be invited to participate in a personal interview for the final evaluation. The interview will be conducted in English and will be organized in a remote mode. The evaluation of the interview will assess the candidate’s potentials to enrol in the Master, including consistency between the candidate’s professional expectations and the goal of the Master course, as well as the match between the candidate’s previous knowledge and the content of the Master courses.



Assessment of qualifications (final grade and other qualifications)

Maximum score 30 points

Final grade of Laurea/ second cycle degree (or list of examinations taken during the Laurea Triennale and Laurea Magistrale/ 1th and 2nd cycle degree for candidates applying under condition - Italian degree qualification):                                                                                           
110-110L/110 or average examination score 28.1-30/30: 14 points
From 107 to 109/110 or average examination score 27.1-28.0/30: 12 points
From 104 to 106/110 or average examination score 26.1-27.0/30: 10 points
From 100 to 103/110 or average examination score 25.1-26.0/30: 8 points
=< a 99/110 or average examination score <25.0/30: 7 points

Maximum score
14 points

Others qualifications (e.g. other master degree, PhD, qualified training experiences, research scholarships, etc.)

Maximum score
3 points

Training certificates

Maximum score
3 points

Motivation (as resulting from the uploaded video)

Maximum score
10 points

Personal Interview – Only the best 36 ranked students shall be eligible for personal interview

Maximum score 70 points





After the interview, the applicants will be ranked according to the score obtained during the selection process. For the admission to the Master the candidates, up to a maximum of 12, must achieve a minimum score of 80/100. With the same score, candidates who have obtained the degree with the highest score will be preferred. The Master will not be activated if the number of candidates who satisfy this requirement is less than 8 (eight).

If there are requests for admission by auditors of more than 4 (four), at the discretion of the Master’s Degree Scientific Committee, a merit ranking will be calculated on the basis of the curriculum vitae, qualifications and any acquired professional experiences.

Candidates’ possession of European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), in addition to those required for admission, in disciplines compatible with those constituting the Master’s Degree training programme, may be evaluated and constitute a preferential element during the rating process, but will not give rise to automatic recognition of training credits.

  • Confirmation that the selection will be held and the relative timetable will be published on the Master’s website
  • The interviews will be starting on Monday, October 12, 2020. The candidates eligible for the personal interview will be convene also by email.
  • All communications concerning the admission procedure to the Master, with the exception of the exclusion, will give by publication on the Master’s and University’s website. The aforementioned publication will have the value of notification to all intents and purposes.

Applicants will be admitted to the Master’s Degree Programmes according to the final ranking list. The ranking list will be published on the Master’s Degree website ( and on the University website at the area MyUniTO (Login). The publication will be valid as official communication to the interested parties and therefore, no personal communications will be sent.

Watch out!

In order to be admitted to the selection, candidates must submit the application form (Google Form) with all the requested documents in uploaded, as well as register on the UniTo portal for the online admission procedure. The two procedures are complementary; not complying with one of the two involves exclusion from the selection.

Candidates who do not include all the required information in the application will be excluded from the selection.

The simultaneous enrolment to the Master and other university study courses is allowed.


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